Jane – Chef da Party!
Nope… This is not bad spelling. Jane is our resident chef and ex radio Dj! Bringing the party to the kitchen! Smiling, singing, dancing (questionable) and whirling up delicious delights.
Jane has been with the Allotment at the sapling stage and has helped cultivate and harvest our beautiful deli.
Her famous scotch eggs and quiche fly out the door.  You need to put your orders in early or be ready to elbow people out of the way to get to the front of the line! A devoted Mary Berry fan allows her to create scrumptious cakes to a fluffy and light standard . No soggy bottoms in this deli!



Laura – The Magical maid
Our latest team member brings elegance and glamour to the Allotment.   This creative and clever lady makes mouth watering and healthy salads and sandwiches. Wanna know about vegetarian or vegan options.. just ask. She knows her stuff!
When this beauty is not land locked she can be found in the depths of the surrounding sea of St Ives. Washing up  on the shoreline to meet and greet the crowds. Yes, she is The St Ives Mermaid.



Vic – The Cheese/The Mouse
You wanna know about cheese? You have come to the right place! At age two Vicky realised that she had cheese power. Power to seek out the very best . Taste and if liked destroy!
Vic has been with the Allotment for 4 year’s! Besides being one of the funniest people on earth and exceptional cheese expert she is also our multi award winning customer service specialist! She delivers fun and calmness to your shopping experience. No request is too big or too small. Vic has been known to carry your shopping home for you! That’s our Vic!